Your family is your world and surely you love them to the moon and back.  Pictures are the perfect way, the only way to freeze any moment in time.

So many times people say, "I wish I would have...." So then why wait? Carpe Diem and stop the clock! 

What are the chances your grandchildren will have the selfies you took and saved on your phone even if they are backed up to a cloud? Will they be able to access those images? They may wonder in 10 years what a cloud even was.

What are the chances you look in photo albums of you growing up, your own parents and grandparents? What are the chances you smile or full out laugh at a  memory the 1/250th of a second capture reminds you of?  I would bet money chances of THAT are 100%!  

Hi, I am Debbie Payne. I am a wife, a mother of 3 grown sons, and a photographer who is passionate about creating art for her clients. We live on a small farm in Northern Baltimore County where we were blessed to raise a family alongside chickens, cows, horses and even pigs. For years, when the guys were young, I operated a licensed home daycare (a little obsessed with tiny people I may add.) Now, I work for an engineering company for a "9-5" which I also love.

"Wait, you work a 9-5 and have a photography business?" Yes, indeed I do and this is perfect for me. Does it seem odd to read this?  That I don't want to take every shoot that comes my way? Well, it's quite simple. I want to be fresh for my clients.

         Fresh is being well rested to tackle a 10 hr wedding day with energy to spare.

         Fresh is being able to enjoy developing so clients receive images quickly.

         Fresh is having time to take classes and workshops.

         Fresh is being happy that I have quality time with my family.

To stay fresh, the calendar at most will have one wedding a week and 2 in a month. Other days and evenings sessions are offered for senior portraits, labor/delivery, newborn and family lifestyle.

Our middle son, Jake, has a condition known as Williams Syndrome. He has taught patience beyond measure,  to work hard, to celebrate achievements and most importantly to keep a sense of humor. I mention this because I love photographing those with other abilities. Happy to have collaborated with Autism Society of Baltimore for several all day shoots as well as the Williams Syndrome Association capturing walks between Philadelphia, Baltimore, Fredericksburg and 4 days at the National Convention. I love being silly and the challenge of capturing a fleeting smile. 

I am that woman:

       Who says hello to all the toddlers and dogs walking down the street

       Who has a stuffed animal on her lens to make kiddos smile

       Who loves animal print, eclectic and shiny thing

       Whose favorite color is SPARKLE (not debatable) 

All this means is that I see the details. I see the reflection of a bride in her groom's eye, I see the shadows in all their dark mysterious glory. All the better for you, my pretty...

So now you know a bit about me.

          Who are you?

          What do YOU want?

          What colors do you like in images? Warm and saturated? Cool and light?

          What images do you want to hang on your wall & who are in those?

          What images do you want to pass down to your children and grandchildren? 

I look forward to talking with you and creating your 1/250th of a second treasure.